Diesoil Concept

Enable recycling and waste-to-energy

Diesoil Concept has developed a vast portfolio of patented solutions to

  • Turns different waste into valuable commodity energy products.

The “Diesoil World” provides a full service concept and turn-key solutions to

  • Collect, Sort and Transform dedicated waste into different commodity energy products.

Diesoil Concept provides an opportunity for business and investment partners alike

  • Business Partners: complete “Diesoil World” solution or individual Turn-key solutions
  • Investment Partners: global, national, or local investment opportunities to finance waste to energy solutions.

Plastic waste problems

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DIESOIL turns plastic into energy with LOGOIL Technology

Prevents incineration and landfills

Diesoil prevents incineration and

landfills and instead creates

valuable energy and industrial


…weil es die Aufgabe unsere Generation ist!
…c’est le devoir de notre génération!
…it is the duty of our generation!

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